Amazing South of France locations…

View below to see examples of the most stunning locations to include in your next wellness retreat itinerary…

Nice promenade

Explore what the gorgeous coastal town of Nice has to offer … from the bike paths that link the entire coastline, to swimming in the azur waters to experiencing the old town and amazing local foods known for its fresh local produce and fish and specialities such as socca and olive oil and spices.

Mountain vistas… Gourdon

The perched village of Gourdon is an incredible sight. There are lovely walks that will take you here and beyond as we explore the beautiful natural landscape of the mountains, just a 40 minute drive from the coast.

Villefranche, Cap Ferrat

The magical bay of Villefranche offers swimming, boating and great seaside restaurants. There are also great walks along the water around the peninsula of Cap Ferrat.

Authentic French villages

So many charming French villages await you… these little gems of genuine local French villages offer a look at history, amazing buildings, lively main squares, gastronomic restaurants, cafes, boulangeries and so much more.

Fresh local markets

In the heart of every village and town, you will find a weekly market … offering local, seasonal produce such as, tangerines, lemons, mangoes, tomatoes, melons, a variety of green vegetables, avocados… and not to forget the great selection of local wines and cheeses!

Beach paradise… St Tropez

Beautiful sandy beaches with clear azur waters welcome you all year round. Enjoy a gorgeous swim or partake in many different water activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving snorkeling… or enjoy long walks along the coast… or grab a book and relax!