Our Philosophy

We are passionate about including a wellness attitude into everyday life…

Wellness is not an end result but rather a way of life that incorporates many different facets such as healthy eating, staying fit, yoga classes, enjoying meals with friends, mountain hikes, travelling, paddle boarding, swimming, and so much more… 

We try to find a balance by focusing on three simple things:

Plant-based foods 

A good dose of exercise 

Living life

Exercise as a way of life …

Keep moving – whether it’s an Ashtanga yoga class, a cycle along the promenade, paddleboard on the Med or walking in the hills overlooking the Cote d’Azur.


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”~Albert Einstein

Plant-based foods

that nourish your cells – be it cold-pressed organic juices, super-food packed salads and oxidant rich, energy-building dishes.

We are passionate about fresh, highly nutritious, plant-based foods and a diet low in sugar. We enjoy searching out fresh ingredients, new recipés and exploring what works. Juicing is a strong part of that and we offer cold-pressed vegetable based juices keeping the sugar content from fruit to a minimum. keep your mind fresh and alert throughout the day.

You won’t find any additives or sweeteners here, just plain, simple, fresh organic ingredients. Whether it’s a an acai bowl breakfast, a hilltop panier for a picnic lunch or an evening mezze our delicious, healthy, plant-based options will keep you energised, nourished and satisfied.

Throughout the day enjoy a range of herbal and detox tisanes, distilled water and healthy nibbles.  Organic locally produced rosé wine is also available.

Please see our example of a daily menu.

Loving life

Enjoying life for mind, body and spirit – taking time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, the coastline and surrounding countryside keeping you positive, balanced and focused.

Nourish your mind, body and spirit – taking time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, the stunning coastline and surrounding countryside… keeping you positive, balanced and focused.


“The greatest wealth is health.” ~Virgil

We are Lise & Katie 


Based near the heart of Sophia on the Cote d’Azur we run busy lives with work commitments and families and enjoy the benefits of living in this part of the world whether it’s a cycle along the promenade, a paddleboard or a walk in the hills behind us. Now we’ve added wellness to the mix!

A combined background in luxury rentals, experience vacations, catering and graphic design and a passion for plant-based nutrition and exercise…and having fun with it of course.

Our focus is to offer wellness breaks of 3-5 days in this beautiful corner of France, offering a friendly, energising programme for health conscious, like-minded people.